VI Tennis Ipswich


Taster Day 2015

On a cold, dark day in October 2015, Director of Operations and Fundraising, Fiona Musgrove ventured for the first time to Ipswich.  Several trains and hours later, with the support of station staff and her white cane arrived at Ipswich station.


Ipswich Blind Sports Taster Day

Over 60 people attended the first blind sports taster day in Ipswich.  Lead by Clair Burnham and Justin Balentine.  Local blind groups and services were advertising at the event.   As well as vi tennis there was football, botcha and sword fencing.

On a sports hall v i tennis players like Gary were first introduced to the game. “ I love it”  he added “it has saved my life”.  Having been forced to retire from the army due to a serious injury he had struggled to find a suitable sport to support his various needs.

 “I can now play tennis with my young children”

It really helps with the depression”  Caroline


V I Tennis Ipswich

Now supported by Ipswich Sports Club and coaches Eliza and Sam weekly sessions are available on Thursday 12pm – 1.30pm

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