VI tennis consultants


V I Tennis Consultants

Both Alex Wheen and Fiona Musgrove have years of experience in delivering vi tennis to both adults and juniors.  They have both attended a B1 Workshop and are Level 3 qualified in Teaching training (formerly PETALS).   

In 2016, they advised VI Ipswich Tennis Centre coaches and staff through their Insight Training programme (Add link to v i tennis Ipswich page).  This entailed an understanding of the different categories of sight-loss and the implications these pose on a tennis court.  Sighted guiding was demonstrated and the course received excellent feedback.

Alex Wheen, Level 2 V I specialist tennis coach, has been involved in various disability courses run at Bromley Tennis Centre.  This involved making coaches who are taking their level 3, more aware of the limitations posed by sight-loss and how to coach appropriately.

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