VI Tennis Cambridge 2015/2016






Players were improving their techniques.  More groups were developed across the UK and more tournaments were offered.

More of our Cambridge players were travelling to other venues.

we had our first national champ in 2015 Nikhill Nair.

The B1 game began to rapidly expand, as coaches developed new technique.

The B2 -B5 game settled on the wider court, lowered nets and orange sized base line.  Players were becoming more competitive and rallies increased.  With the larger rackets the soundballs life was now very limited.

Eyemasks (Paralympic style) were finally nationally adopted for B1 games

The B1 game moved over the main net to accommodate players movements.

Mike Bushell visited our Cambridge group and this was televised during Wimbledon week.

There was a dramatic increase in players across the UK.

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The International Blind Tennis Association Facebook page was now being regularly used to promote the game.

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