VI Tennis Cambridge 2013/2014

The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust

The game was played on the service box lines for all players.

The nets were at normal height.

Racquets were limited to 21 inc

Players were not required to have sight classifications and players chose where to play in tournaments.

The B1 players were not shaded and this lead to controversy within games.

There were three main groups operating during this period with approximately 30 players around the UK.

Some groups were playing with Chinese balls whilst others preferred Japanese balls.  New balls were being developed here in the UK.

A new facebook group VITennis UK was created

Fiona was so concerned at the lack of support given to grass roots sports after the success of the 2012 Paralympics in London that she challenged London Mayor, Boris Johnson live on LBC radio.

A large forum was held in October.  This involved coaches, players, key partners and Tennis Foundation.  Wheelchair tennis was discussed as a case study for development of disability sport along with providing better equipment and development for coaches.