The national visually impaired tennis advisory committee

National Visually Impaired Tennis Advisory

Vision 4 Growth has been a founder member of this Committee
since 2014.

Our Impact

Creation of Guide to V I Tennis
Increase in participation monitoring
Increase in regional tournament opportunities

Progression of B1 developments
Addressing issues around sight classification

Developing an International link

Meet the team
• Representatives from the Tennis Foundation
• Representatives from British Blind Sport (visit
• Representative from International Blind Tennis Association –
Amanda Green (visit for more
• Representative from the South region – Amanda Green from
Metro Blind Sports (visit
• Representative from the North region – Steve Trewick/Rosie
Pybus from North East Visually Impaired Tennis Club
• Representative from the East and Midlands region – Fiona
Musgrove from Vision4Growth (visit

• Coaching representatives – Andy Crockett and David Vellala
• B1 player representative – Roy Turnham
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