Sight Classifications


In 2015 the National Visually Impaired Tennis Advisory Commitee agreed that sight classifications were needed to enter all Regional and National competitions.  This was the result of receiving several complaints from players throughout the UK.

British Blind Sport provide a downloadable document to be taken to a high street Ophthalmologist. This covers a number of tests on the depth perception and field vision of an individual sight.  These are graded against criteria and the form is submitted to British Blind Sport to award certification.

There are 5 sight classification levels B1 (being lowest) to B5 (being highest).  The result of this classification determines how many ball allowances,and the specific equipment needed.

Click here to download British Blind Sport sight classification form.

The whole process takes about 4 weeks so ensure this is achieved in plenty of time before an official tournament to avoid disappointment.

For more information please contact British Blind Sport.