VI Tennis Game


Vision 4 Growth, like so many other tennis providers, selected to call their events Visually Impaired (VI) Tennis as it encompasses all sight levels.  Internationally, for translation purposes, it is referred to as Blind Tennis

The Basic Rules

These instructions must be followed in every game and by all sight classifications (see sight classifications page)

Server: Ready

Receiver : Yes (if not ready must respond “no”)      

Server: Play (the serve must proceed this verbal instruction immediately)

The server must remain in position when serving.

A footfall can be called by umpires.

Bounces must be adhered to in correct bounces void a return.

The Umpire has sole discretion overseeing a game.

Volunteers may guide players and explain shots to players when required.

Tactile lines must be provided in training and tournament sessions for reassurance of players. (see court layout add link to How to play then game page/court layout)

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If you would like to query or have a concern relating to the rules, please contact