V I Tennis Cambridge Open Tennis Tournament 2014

18 players initially registered for 20 spaces eventually 21 people played in this year’s tournament. We experimented with new International Court layouts of orange and red courts. The B1 doubles was first pioneered at this tournament This was Impaired by Vision 4 Growth volunteers and entirely managed by Vision 4 Growth.

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Kindly supported by Cambridge  City council, Tennis 4 Cambridgeshire,   dan Ma Maskell Trust and Tennis foundation.








This was the first to trial the new international rules newly formed by IBTA.



“It was amazing to play on a larger court”

B2 player .


“It was great to play B1 doubles”

B1 player


For the first time players moved away from playing on the service boxes to the longer yet narrower organise courts.  The width was eventually extended after players feedback. At this point the height of the net was determined by the tournament organiser until it was later sanctioned at 80cn


Our success

B2 Winner:  Rojimon Cherimon

Number of players:  18

Number of Volunteers: 7


Here is our press release PR. VI Tennis tournament 29th July 2014

Click here to watch some of the action.