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My name is Emma Meade and I have been totally blind since birth.  I am classified as a B1 tennis player.

My first experience of blind tennis was during a taster session at an RNIB East of England Members Forum.  When a group was formed in Cambridge I joined it and have been a member of Vision 4 Growth for four years.

When I started playing tennis regularly, I was always stiff the next day, but now the stiffness has gone as a result of regular game play.  A few months after I had joined the group I went on a holiday which included some walking.  I was not stiff until the final day.  This is rather a long way of saying that blind tennis has improved my level of fitness and I have continued to be healthy.

At the beginning of my tennis journey I entered a sharp learning curve and it was a struggle.  I came very close to giving up, but the support of my fellow players, volunteers and tennis coaches stopped me from doing so.  I learned the importance of perseverance which is being rewarded as I am now an improving player.

Cambridge has run four tournaments since 2013 and I have played in all of them.  In 2014 I was the B1 women’s champion.  After not doing so well in 2015 I felt that as blind tennis is continuing to develop, I was going to be the one who would be left behind; but this year’s tournament in July was much better.  This has been a great boost to my confidence and, maybe next year, I might be entering the national tournament for the first time!

A big thank-you must go to the players, volunteers and coaches who have become new friends.

Emma Meade



I can totally agree with everything that Louise already said.  Thanks very much for giving us such an amazing opportunity to reach hopefully many people.  I’m very privileged to have been a part of it and very honoured that I am one of the people whom you put your trust in.  It was pleasure taking part and talking to you all. Hopefully you guys will visit again and this time I’ll be out there too!

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