I am Patrick Burke and suffer from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. I was introduced to Fiona through a mutual colleague in Spring 2015. We quickly realised that although we suffer from different disabilities we have a lot in common. She asked me to help in the design of the Sensory garden in Spring of 2017. We have worked together to produce a little oasis for those who have different needs. I firmly believe that people need to be stimulated by their surroundings and engage with their environment. I truly hope garden will provide a great opportunity for people to go out explore and discover.

Disability is frighteningly common and the needs of disabled people can be complex. Only too often it is not obvious that a person has a long term disability. Not everyone likes to show their disability as if it were badge of honour. Sometimes the disability is obvious. Whatever it the disability the needs are frequently complex and not fully understood by people who are not disabled.

Any attempts to make a place more accessible are to be appreciated. I truly hope that this small garden will mature and become an integral part of Cedars Park in Waltham Cross

Patrick Burke

Aid 4 Disabled