I was thrilled to be contacted by Speed of Sound to appear on their show and discuss the Enhancing Audio Description project.  As a researcher in the field of accessibility and sound design, radio shows are one of the most important media to disseminate research, so I really appreciated the opportunity.

Fiona, Harsha and I got a chance to have a chat before the interview which was very beneficial as it allowed me to focus on aspects of the project that would be of interest to audiences.  It was also through this initial chat that it was possible to find links to the work discussed by the second interviewee on the show.  This was incredibly fruitful as it allowed me to find out about other cutting-edge work in the field and establish further links with researchers and practitioners.

I was also impressed at how clear the transmission was and I enjoyed the format. Huge thanks to Fiona and Harsha for the invitation!

Mariana Lopez is a Lecturer in Sound Production and Post Production at the University of York