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Seed Harvest Organisation


My name is Andrew Zwane founder of Seed Harvest Organisation; we use an approach called social and therapeutic Horticulture which is a process of using gardening, plants and horticulture to help individuals develop.

Our activities are varied but focus on championing the benefits Therapeutic Horticulture to individuals, communities and organisations, as well as teaching techniques and practical applications so that anyone in any community can take part and enjoy gardening. Gardening can help communities accomplish many things and can provide a purposeful activity for people coping with difficult periods in our life or people who want to do it as hobby or a profession.

Before working with Vision4Growth, I had not thought of opportunities or activities for the disabled and the visual impaired people in our organisation. When I was invited to take part in the construction of the 17th Century Garden in Cedars Park, I was not sure how I was going to fit in with the whole project.  When I met first up with team Vision4Growth, I felt welcome and part of the team, there was professionalism in their approach from the beginning of the project to the end of which has become the beginning of the relationship between Vision4Growth, Seed Harvest Organisation and other partners we met on the journey.

Seed Harvest Organisation will definitely recommend Vision4Growth to other organisations and we would like to continue to work and support them on their future projects.




I am Patrick Burke and suffer from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. I was introduced to Fiona through a mutual colleague in Spring 2015. We quickly realised that although we suffer from different disabilities we have a lot in common. She asked me to help in the design of the Sensory garden in Spring of 2017. We have worked together to produce a little oasis for those who have different needs. I firmly believe that people need to be stimulated by their surroundings and engage with their environment. I truly hope garden will provide a great opportunity for people to go out explore and discover.

Disability is frighteningly common and the needs of disabled people can be complex. Only too often it is not obvious that a person has a long term disability. Not everyone likes to show their disability as if it were badge of honour. Sometimes the disability is obvious. Whatever it the disability the needs are frequently complex and not fully understood by people who are not disabled.

Any attempts to make a place more accessible are to be appreciated. I truly hope that this small garden will mature and become an integral part of Cedars Park in Waltham Cross

Patrick Burke

Aid 4 Disabled





Wow what a fantastic show! Thank you so much Speed of Sound radio for featuring Illuminate Freedom’s LifeChanging work and giving us such an important and friendly platform to reach more visually impaired people across London and the UK.

Thank you Fiona, Harsha and David for asking such great, varied and important questions!  We feel really blessed to have been part of the important work you are doing and even more blessed to have two inspiring podcasts that we can share on our website and with our members, followers and funders.  I’m so grateful we got to share so much about what we do on such a personal level, it was really inspiring to listen to – even for me!
Louise Dickson is the founder of Illuminate Freedom, a zumba and contemporary dance organisation and a recent guest on DSN’s Speed of Sound radio show.


Vision4Growth are a fantastic organisation to work with. We have supported them with their long term development and their passion and enthusiasm for creating accessible opportunities is making a real difference for those with visual impairments. Vision4Growth have also helped us with support and advice to make our website more accessible – it is always really useful to discuss these issues with those who have first-hand experience, and Fiona’s practical advice and solutions were invaluable for us.

Rob Danson is East of England Regional Manager for Sported




I was thrilled to be contacted by Speed of Sound to appear on their show and discuss the Enhancing Audio Description project.  As a researcher in the field of accessibility and sound design, radio shows are one of the most important media to disseminate research, so I really appreciated the opportunity.

Fiona, Harsha and I got a chance to have a chat before the interview which was very beneficial as it allowed me to focus on aspects of the project that would be of interest to audiences.  It was also through this initial chat that it was possible to find links to the work discussed by the second interviewee on the show.  This was incredibly fruitful as it allowed me to find out about other cutting-edge work in the field and establish further links with researchers and practitioners.

I was also impressed at how clear the transmission was and I enjoyed the format. Huge thanks to Fiona and Harsha for the invitation!

Mariana Lopez is a Lecturer in Sound Production and Post Production at the University of York



I have known Alex in a professional capacity for over a year now.  He tutors the VI section of the level 3 tennis qualification on a regular basis.  He is always professional, prepared with his own slides, presentation and equipment.  I always get very positive feedback from Alex’s presentations from the learners as he is a very good tutor able to deliver VI tennis to his audience.  He is excellent with administration and replies to emails on time.  He will be an asset to your club.

Sue Bamford is a Coach Education Co-ordinator at Bromley Tennis Centre