Speed of Sound zooms into 2017


Were you excluded from PE because of your disability, unable to keep up with others or lack of motivation?  Sandra King, an Inclusive PE Consultant, explains how she can provide the tools for teachers and sports providers to make a significant difference within sport and overall welfare.  New Speed of Sound host, Harsha spoke to Chris Boys about the impact Adaptive rowing has had on his lifestyle once he was diagnosed with MS.

On Wednesday 18 January 2017, Speed of Sound zoomed back on Disability Sports Network radio with a new presenter, Harsha.  After graduating from Cambridge University, Harsha was determined to continue to develop her media skills and approached Fiona Musgrove, Director of Operations and Fundraising, about appearing on the weekly radio show.  The pair had delivered a previous show together in 2015 and had enjoyed working together.

Last night’s show featured Sandra King http://www.sandraking.org.uk/.  Sandra provides support for PE teachers and bespoke courses for sports providers to create an inclusive environment.  We discussed the impact of receiving good experiences within PE Lessons.  The holistic effect providing inclusive sport can provide to individuals.

“It allows a child to feel part of the group, but also recognising their individual needs to achieve this process”


Fiona met Sandra at a PE Inclusive event supported by Living Sport, whilst Fiona was delivering vi tennis.  One of the youngsters was concerned about being hurt by a flying ball due to the nature of his sight-loss condition.  Sandra recommended taking him into a quiet area to play Floor Tennis.

“He couldn’t wait to tell everyone about this positive effect that had been achieved”. Sandra King

Harsha spoke to Chris Boys from Guildford Rowing Club.  He explained how when diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis his whole life changed.

“I was a workaholic,” he laughed, when asked if he had always been into sport. “Motor engineering was my life for so long”.

A chance encounter with a rowing coach from the club at his local gym, changed his life.  The coach had been watching him on a rowing machine and recognised his potential under their Adaptive Rowing programme.

“The same coach went on to coach Rachel Morris, the Paralympic Gold winner in Rio 2016.

Adaptive Rowing is provided throughout the UK and various competitions are held each year for all individuals.  If you are interested, contact British Rowing.

For more information about Speed of Sound or to listen to our past shows, contact Disability Sports Network.

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