First Session


The B1 session had 4 B1 players and 2 volunteers from Hills Road sixth form college, along with Vision 4 Growth coaches.

With this  specific B1 session, Head coach, Alex Wheen, organised drills and match play.  He worked on developing  their skills in returning and serving.

Fiona Musgrove, a new B1 player, put the National champ, Nikhil Nair, through his paces, just before the York Tournament, beating him in a closely fought tie breaker.

“I feel  Bamboozled “  exclaimed Nikhill Nair on his defeat

The players  thanked  support recieved from  volunteer Hannah who  carefully described each shot to  helped the players improve and play more tactfully.

“It was a fantastic session”

Ema Meade

“Can’t wait for next week”

Marion Mansfield

Click here for players thoughts on the session.

Click here for video of the session

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The B2-B5 session took place on the outdoor courts.

Warren Wilson, a low B2, found the session