Building a zoo around our garden


In late 2016 work began to transform the area known as the Pets Corner in Cedars Park.    This had become run down due to lack of funding and Broxbourne Council agreed to lease the area to a new initiative Cedars Nature Centre.  The small amount of birds and animals would be rehoused as the whole area was transformed with the help of local volunteers and staff from Cedars Nature Centre. During this period,  access to our sensory garden was restricted whilst the building work was in progress.

In January 2018 volunteers, from Vision  4  Growth,  were invited into the area to tidy up the garden and view the new residents within Cedars Park.

A larger bird Avery allows birds to fly around and meet newcomers to their park.

Meerkats, rabbits skunks  and owls are amongst  the   exhibits

 Inside the new Reptile House spiders, snakes and cute Armadillos are waiting for visitors.


Some of the cuttings from our Sensory Garden were used to feed some of the small mammals, under the direction of the zookeeper.


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