Our Sensory Garden

Fiona musgrove one of the directors doing helping with gardening.

Situated in the Pets Corner of Cedars Park, our sensory garden (established in 2014) was kindly supported by Sainsburys Homebase, B3 Living, Herts Healthy Homes, RDF Garden Services and Broxbourne Council. Created in a pentagon shape, it is the first raised-bed garden as visitors enter the Pets Corner.

Our sensory garden now contains a variety of plants of various colours, smells, textures and sounds. The bird avery behind the garden provides a tranquil setting for visitors.

All plants were carefully selected to protect the natural wildlife of the park. An information board is now posted on the structure to raise awareness of sensory needs by asking visitors to explore the garden.

Cedars Park

Since 2013 we have been involved with the redevelopment of cedars park, Waltham cross Hertfordshire.


Building a zoo around our garden

Over the last few years, new residents have moved into Cedars Park.  Winged, eight-legged and slippery creatures surround our Sensory garden