Suffolk Council


Ipswich Tennis Centre and Suffolk District Council

12 people took part in this Insight Training session at Ipswich Tennis Centre.  Kindly supported by Suffolk District Council this was in response to delivering a taster day for Ifit Suffolk.

As part of the support work in developing V I Tennis Ipswich, Vision 4 Growth delivered some specific training related to coaching and understanding the needs of blind and partially sighted people.  The 6 hour session included considering the unique skills needed to competently play vi tennis as a player and understanding as a coach.  The path angle of the racket and awareness of the equipment needed to deliver a session were discussed.  A quiz related to providing equality through coaching and the needs of blind and partially sighted people was given.  A sighted guiding session was followed by a practical interaction with blind and partially sighted players on the tennis courts.

“It was interesting to understand the specific needs of players:

The quiz was very thought provoking”

Vision 4 Growth provide a consultancy service.  Both Alex Wheen and Fiona Musgrove have a wide knowledge of delivering and playing visually impaired tennis.  Alex is one of the highest ranked vi tennis specialist in the UK and has taken part in various supportive workshops for vi tennis.

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