Hertfordshire Association of Museums


Vision 4 Growth delivered Insight Training to a range of curators and museum staff from across Hertfordshire.

The aim of the session was to understand the needs of blind and partially-sighted visitors.  This involved a powerpoint presentation and discussions around ensuring accessibility needs.  Games were used to raise awareness of common stereotypes of disability leading to discussions around the results.  Case studies of sceneries were investigated in small groups and fed back to the whole group for further reactions.

Various aspects around presentation of materials and equipment such as voice over or QR readers were discussed to engage with visually impaired visitors.  All learners completed a sighted guiding exercise with partners.  An electronic information sheet  was available after the session upon request with more ideas and suggestions for  supporting the needs of visually impaired people.

“It was very informative”

“I learnt a lot about the needs of visually impaired visitors and am keen to ensure some of these recommendations take place at our museum”

Feedback on Twitter was equally positive from some of the learners see @vision4growth

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