Broxbourne Council


Insight Training on sight-loss and hearing loss impairment

Vision 4 Growth was commissioned to design a programme to ensure the needs of people suffering from hearing loss and sight-loss were recognised within the Council.

12  employees from Broxbourne Council enlisted on this 5 hours training course.   They were from a range of services which involved contact with the general public.  The aim was to raise awareness of the needs of visually impaired people and those with a hearing impairment.

A powerpoint presentation accompanied this course (add link)

A specialist volunteer with experience of hearing loss was involved in the project.  She was able to demonstrate signing and provided worksheets for employees to transcribe as part of an exercise.  Learners were also given braille alphabet to decipher into some work related phrases.  There were also lessons on sighted guiding.  This proved very important for some of the learners, who were involved in the building services delivery.  A few days later their new skills were put to the test when a planned fire evacuation of Bishop’s College was arranged.  Vision 4 Growth staff were based on the fourth floor.

“It has given me an understanding of how trust is important when guiding a visually impaired person”

“It was very interesting and I learnt a lot about the challenges faced by blind people”

The session also contained a section on recognising.  The session also considered the importance of awareness of discrimination in the workplace and how some simple adaptations can be made to improve accessibility.

The learners then took part in playing v i tennis using blindfolds and ear defenders to reduce noise.  The session was facilitated in Broxbourne Council’s chambers with the support of Broxbourne Council.

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