Viva L’Espagna!!! We are off to sunny Spain!!!!



At the top of the show, we heard from Nikhill Nair one of our Team GB players going to Spain in May 2017.  We chatted about how the game has developed over the last few years in both delivery and techniques used by players.  We then heard from Head V I Coach Alex, from Cambridge how he hope groups will be able to make partners with other countries to encourage more travel opportunities for players.

“Social media has played a key part in promoting the game.”

Nikhill Nair is among 6 Team GB players selected by the Tennis Foundation to represent Great Britain in the first ever International games.  Sounding immensely proud and excited Nikhill, a Cambridge player with Vision 4 Growth, explained how important this event is for blind tennis.

I am a B1 player, wearing shades I listen to the sound of the ball to determine its position.”

This is by no means an easy task as Speed of Sound’s reporter found out when she visited the Cambridge group a few months ago.

Sight classification has been a long time discussed problem within v i tennis.  This reflects the players athletic abilities which are more prominent since the adoption of the larger orange sized courts and the way sight loss has traditionally been certified in sport.

Geeton Lee joined us from Marisees to discuss his role within International Blind Tennis Association IBTA.  He told Speed of Sound about his role as sight classifier and the qualifications he needed to be able to support this roll.

“Over 70 visually impaired tennis players.  Over 14 countries including, Africa, Australia, Germany, Argentina, America, Ireland and many more.  Every player will receive an International sight classification.”

Kirsty from the Tennis Foundation explained her role as Tournament organiser for regional and National events alongside various partners.  How this International event is creating a lot of excitement among UK players.

We were then joined by one of the Spanish coaches who are responsible for hosting this monumentous event.  Fernandinho explained how the courts would be laid out, how they had to be able to ensure all games are facilitated.  The amount of media attention from International partners and local people this is attracting.

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We will be hosting an International Players show in April along with comments from our UK representative Amanda Green.  If you have any more comments or would like to take part in this show, please email or me directly