Push Yourself to the Max


Mark Bullock

This week’s show was all about pushing ourselves to the max in sport and confronting the challenges ahead.

First, we spoke to Mark Bullock, former head of the International Tennis Foundation and a sports development / inclusive consultant.  He has worked with Paralympians and throughout wheelchair tennis and he told us what it takes for a grassroots sport, like VI tennis, to become international and why he feels having international opportunities is important within sport.  He also discussed how grass roots sports are creating a significant impact within disability sport and how disabled coaches are changing perceptions about disability sport.


You can find out more information about Mark through the following links:

WEB: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/tennis-people-sight-loss-mark-bullock

Twitter: Mark___Bullock


Next, we spoke to a former member of the army who is using cricket to deal with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Patrick Medhurst-Feeney, or the Crippled Cricketer, told us how despite the pain and mobility issues he faces, pushing himself in cricket, as player and as coach, is his great solace.  We asked him about the impact sport has played on his disability and he discussed how he thought it was important to have opportunities for players to become coaches and how grass roots sports can compete with elite level sports such as the Paralympics.  Finding out how much coverage disability cricket receives interested us all.



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