Mental Health and Disability Sport

Colin Dolan

In this week’s show, first we were joined by Colin Dolan from the Mental Health FA, who discussed how sport can melt away negativity.

1 in 4 of us will be affected by mental health  

23% off GPs work is around mental health

I was 18 and I was ready to die

These were some of the quotes taken from a recent conference he organised for the Mental Health FA held in one of the Palace of Westminster’s Committee rooms.  Over 100 people from across the UK, including small disability groups, NHS Trusts, Community Development officers and many more listened to a selection of speakers around the area of mental health.  Colin agreed to come on to explain the importance of receiving this recognition within sport for its direct impact on mental health with local and national groups and how having the support of prominent footballers like Stan Collimore and MP Andy Burnham helps raise the awareness of this growing problem.

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As the ice melts and the 2017 ski season officially ends, Speed of Sound also looked into the ongoing fun in the world of disability snow sports. First, we chatted to Logan Gray, Strategic Relationship Manager at British Blind Sport as we looked back on the first of several snow sports days that were hosted by British Blind Sport last Saturday.  Having done it all, he discussed with us the elements from registering participants, guiding participants to and in the venue, to conducting the evaluations once the Snozone instructors had delivered the sessions and was able to brief us on the latest.  Next, we caught up with Warren Wilson from Cambridge Dons. Mostly known as a Goalball player for the Cambridge club, Warren told us what makes the perfect ski holiday tick and how they offer something for everyone.

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