How leaving Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson stranded at an award ceremony changed broadcasters attitudes


Dave Gordon

At the start of the show, we heard how audio description provides a more intense understanding of a football game.  This was followed by a interview with the former Head of BBC Major Events – Dave Gordon.

“The turnout at the Beijing Olympics had been pretty poor but the first day of the Paralympics saw the stadium filled with people.”

Dave Gordon, recalled his experiences in broadcasting and awe at being involved at the early stages of the coverage of the Paralympics.  He has attended Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London.  Throughout his time he has witnessed how attitudes towards disabled athletes have changed and coverage has improved.

Harsha asked if the use of more disabled interviewers/reporters would ever be an option to understand disabled athletes needs.

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We heard a clip recorded at the Mental Health FA meeting attended by Speed of Sounds Fiona Musgrove.  Andy Burnham MP explains how in the 21st century, the emotional needs are more significant than the physical demands on the NHS.  

Due to Health and Safety and less physical work being done there is less physical injuries/problems today than our parents or grandparents faced.”

MP Andy Burnham

1 in 4 of us will be affected by mental health.

23% off GPs work is around mental health

These were some of the quotes taken from a recent conference organised by Colin Dolan for Mental Health FA on Tuesday 7 March held in one of the Palace of Westminister’s Committee rooms.  Unfortunately, we were unable to complete this discussion with Colin Dolan, Chief Executive of Mental Health FA, due to technology problems.

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