On this week’s Speed of Sound, we unravelled the trials and tribulations of fundraising with the help of 3 experts.  Rosine Pybus and Wendy Glasper offered us the tennis perspective and Mat Williams, who runs a boxing club for mental and physical wellbeing, joined us too.

We asked them:
How do they go about showing the impact they are having- is the number of participants the only measure?
What about funding applications- what support is there for new applicants?
And besides the big funding bodies, what other creative ways are organisations finding to raise funds?

For more information on our guests, please look at the following links.

Wendy Glasper:
Twitter: @wendyglasper

Mat Williams:
Twitter: @EBMatthewCSO

Rosine Pybus:
Twitter: @Successful_ACC
Facebook: Successful Approach Coaching and Consultancy