Current Projects



We are delivering a number of projects aimed at creating opportunities for blind and partially sighted people.

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17th Century Disability Garden

Supported by Tesco Bags of Help aims to be a continuous project to raise awareness of the needs of disabled people both locally and nationally. It aims to reflect the past and to examine how disability is sometimes hidden within our communities.


Cedars Park

Vision 4 Growth has been involved in the redevelopment of Cedars Park since the first consultations with Groundwork Herts in 2014, both independently and as part of the Friends of Cedars Park.


Insight Training

Vision 4 Growth was commissioned to design a programme to ensure the needs of people suffering from hearing loss and sight-loss were recognised within the Council.


Speed of Sound / Disability Sports Network

Fiona Musgrove, Director of Operations and Fundraising at Vision 4 Growth has been involved with broadcasting news about disability sport since 2014. Initially, she was a weekly guest on the Australian show after stumbling across it on Twitter as Blind Sport Radio. A year after, she and her then co-host Aaron were recruited to host a new show called Speed of Sound as part of a new radio Disability Sports Network. Over 40 sports and activities and nearly 150 shows. Each week they aim to reach different audiences and organisations.


Our Sensory Garden

A small raised bed was offered to Vision 4 Growth to engage visitors to explore its many plants. This is situated in the Pets Corner where plans for a mini zoo are being developed.


Disability Hate Crime

Supported by Hertfordshire Police Commissionaire Fund, this project is aimed to raise awareness of disability hate crime within Hertfordshire in 2017. It aims to provide a comprehensive report and work with Hertfordshire secondary schools to deliver a series of assemblies and workshops.



Soundballs are imported from Japan and distributed throughout the UK. All proceeds go back into supporting the development of blind/Visually impaired tennis.