How the Project was Formed



Vision 4 Growth worked closely with Cedars Park Manager Adrian and Broxbourne Council who are the landowners of the park.  Planting advice (see background page) was provided by various sources and will continue to be developed.

As well as trying to recreate some of  the original plant species, Vision 4 Growth wanted to celebrate the local community residents.  As more exotic plants such as pineapples and crocus were brought in during the 17th Century, a Palm tree would have been considered an extremely luxurious item.  Topiary, shaped trees and herbs were used for both culinary and medical purposes.  These gardens were to be designed to be accessed from every angle.

The Wednesday Group who oversaw construction of the wooden raised beds soon saw a problem with the site once it had been cemented over.   The ground could not be dug down in order to avoid damaging any heritage foundations, therefore the slope could not be evened out.  Wheels Chair accessible negated the need to not exceed too steep an incline.  Patrick from Aid4Disabled was able to test out the area before the volunteers continued their work.

Vision 4 Growth is using QR readers in the garden in order for you to be able to quickly locate the information you want about the beds on our website.  Click here to find out about QR readers.