Davis Cup



Permission, via the LTA, was granted to allow our non-sighted players a chance to feel the wedding cake styled, tiered trophy with its embossed plaques, dating back over the years.  “I feel honoured” exclaimed Emma one of our B1 (using no sight) players.

Truly amazing to feel it with our gloved hand” added Roy, another B1 player.


Fiona explained that when she was approached about the visit, her first thought was how to make it an unforgettable experience for their players who had no-sight.  Having someone describe the trophy would not have had the same effect as exploring its shape for blind people as this is often the best way of understanding the world around us.

Andy Murray visiting the National Tennis Centre in October 2015 was seen watching Alex Wheen, Head Coach and Fiona Musgrove take part in a B1 workshop.  The Nationals in October 2016 attracted Kyle Edmunds Evan’s father to watch our fab champs.

One of our blind tennis champs, Emma recounts her special day with the Davis Cup https://youtu.be/7r0y6O5CNNE

Our sincere thanks to Mark Saunders for supplying these photos and videos of the event http://www.cambslta.org.uk/davis-cup-tour-photos.html