Our Work in Cedars Park


Vision 4 Growth has been involved in Cedars Park development from the initial meetings with Groundworks Herts (https://lowewoodmuseum.com) in 2013.  They were keen to attract a range of local community groups. Vision 4 Growth provided ideas on tactile objects to suit their clients’ needs when visiting the park.  Situated just minutes from the busy M25, this continues to provide a tranquil setting for local residents and visitors (add google map link.)

Cedars Park Heritage

King James I used this Palace as his retreat.  Wild animals from newly discovered countries were often seen roaming its grounds.  Camels, elephants and tigers shared the space with our common inhabitants such as rabbits, deer etc.  This Palace was once part of the hunting ground enjoyed by the nobility for many years which stretched over vast areas of the country.

There is not much left of the Palace today.  During the centuries, the ground was divided up and the last residents eventually moved into Theobalds House.  Some of the exhibits, such as the Tiger, can be found at Lowewood Museum, Hoddesdon. (https://lowewoodmuseum.com)

Within this project, with Groundwork Herts and Broxbourne Council, we have tried to recreate this heritage throughout the Park.  A Maze supported by News of the World and Broxbourne Council represent the concept of taming nature into an activity of enjoyment and reflection.  During the subsequent reign of Oliver Cromwell, all symbols of religion were prohibited and many people turned to their gardens to hide their beliefs.

Me and the Cedars Park totem pole

Today, the park is full of accessible pieces of equipment for all abilities.  These range from giant chalk boards to large wooden climbable sculptures of exotic animals which once roamed the Parkland.  The models of King James I palace also have raised lettering.

The walkways contrast against the green fields and wind around boulevards filled with different aromatic plants and coloured flowers, shaded by large trees.  Throughout the centuries the various gardeners have continued to maintain its heritage whilst keeping its purpose as a place of enjoyment, a home and now an open park available to its local community.


Recorded in 2014, this video explains the involvement of Vision 4 Growth in Cedars Park