Our Policies


Vision 4 Growth takes every care to ensure policies are revised against current legislation changes and conform to the recommendations as supporting volunteers and staff.

For your convenience, some of these can be downloaded, whereas all others can be individually requested.

Copies of all our policies relating to volunteering can be found in our New Induction Packs.


Code of Conduct

This relates to both members and volunteers whilst participating in our activities.

Click here to view our code of conduct.

Complaints and Grievance Procedure

This is for members and staff (which refers also to volunteers) whilst engaged in our activities.

Click here to view our Complaints and Grievance Procedure.

Health and Safety Policy

This relates to activities and their relationship with individual facilities.

Click here to view our Health and Safety Policy.


We also hold

Confidentiality Policy

Child Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Funding Policy

Photography Policy

Reserves Policy

Social Media Policy

Volunteer Policy

Vulnerable Adults Policy


To request a copy contact fionam@vision4growth.org.uk