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Planting the beds
Planting the beds


Vision 4 Growth relies on kind donations and support to assist with the delivery of its projects.

We need support for:

Gardening projects

The cost of compost, flowers and equipment.

Visually Impaired Tennis

  • To support the running costs of monthly sessions £300
  • To support the cost of our Blind and partially sighted 5th visually impaired tennis tournament at Hills Road Tennis Centre £4000 (See our 2017 Regional Tournament Plan).
  • Charity T-shirts for players representing Vision 4 Growth Home and away £15
  • Regular running costs of a Project manager and equipment needed specific to accessibility for blind Director and volunteers.
  • Travel costs for players and volunteers to regional venues and home games

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  • We would like to work in partnership with supporters to reduce the cost of supplying sound balls to blind and partially sighted children and adults in the UK.  Currently, they are priced at £10 per ball due to importing from manufacturers in Japan.
  • Feedback from this years’ tournament showed the need to host the first separate events for B1 (totally blind) and B2-B5 (partially sighted) players.  The need to keep the noise levels low means we have to book all the courts but only use the opposing end courts.  (See Our tournaments page for more information)
  • We would like to have home and away t-shirts for our players as many tournaments specify clothing colours.
  • Through our new website we would like to focus more on the specific needs and concerns of blind and partially sighted people and encourage more opportunities in coaching and service delivery.  To employ a part-time website content manager to oversee this as it is not accessible.
  • To work with more partners to achieve our goals and objectives as a charity.

For information on our Trustees and governance, see our About us page.

If you could make a monthly donation to support our operations, it would be greatly appreciated.

For more information on our fundraising or up and coming events, please contact Director of Operations and Fundraising, Fiona Musgrove