Cycling Wednesday 25 January 2017

She said she could “talk for England” and we’re grateful that she could share that wonderful passion with us. Megan Giglia, double World Champion and Paralympic Gold Medallist, joined us on Speed of Sound this week. 

She told us her story, which features a sports coach, becoming a stroke survivor, becoming a para-cycling hero. When asked what kept her going all the way to Rio 2016, she said that she wanted to make the most of the life she had been given and “be the best” at her sport. Fiona and I affirmed we found her inspiring. Megan told us that she draws inspiration from everyone around her: she dedicates her rides to causes she cares about- from stroke survivors like herself to cancer patients and their families. We wish Megan all the very best and will be cheering her all the way to Tokyo 2020!

You can follow Megan via Twitter: @ MeganGiglia

Or via Instagram: @megangiglia

For more information, visit British Cycling:

British Cycling's Megan Giglia


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